apolloadama inquired One of the professors in my department just mentioned he got an email from JPER (Journal of Planning Education and Research) saying they now consider anything posted online as "previous publication," meaning they won't publish any articles that may have appeared, e.g., on someone's blog. This is exactly what you were talking about--gatekeeping of academic writing, keeping the circle small and privileged. It's a disgrace. Thank you for fighting the good fight here for all of us!!



I think it’s not really something your average person is going to know about at all, but it’s basically

to literally

stop/discourage things like this blog from happening.

It’s a circling of the wagons, so they can point to a project like this, which 1. is outside their purview for very good reasons and 2. wouldn’t get funding anyway because it’s “too confrontational”.

It’s so they can point to independent projects published online and say “oh, they’re just some wingnut working outside respectable institutions of learning”.

It’s making sure we never get payment or recognition for this kind of work. On the one hand, it might have the effect of stemming some of the rampant plagiarism that goes on, but what do you want to bet that this rule is going to get bent for people who fall IN the sacred circle of publishing within academic journals and maybe happened to lift their entire thesis from “some blog”? And that somehow this new rule will only affect people who’ve previously blogged academic journal-level material online because they were repudiated from publishing it there first? Because that’s already pretty much the established pattern.

That’s the funny thing about structural and institutional disenfranchisement: it’s this amazing coincidence that it seems to always only work in one direction; benefiting those who already have power and recognition, and further disenfranchising those who have neither.

You should read this. It’s important if you went to a University.

Url/Irl events happening this week.

PostHuman Mass at Vector Gallery


The second official VECTOR mass will consist of preaching/sermons by President JJ Brine, Minister of Truth Julia Maria Sinelnikova, Minister of Education Montgomery Harris, Minister of Prophets B.j. Dini, and Minister of Science Danielle - Draik. 

A Q & A session just might follow the service, if it pleases us. 


This is the second of a series of religious services that will take place at VECTOR. The sermons from these services will be recorded and will ultimately be transcribed for compilation into The Book of VECTOR.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/698104646877152

SAD x EMOTIONAL festival . plugDJ


On the 2nd of March we will be hosting the first ever SAD x EMOTIONAL festival on PLUG.DJ . This is an event for anyone that has a soft side and loves the alternative side of EDM trap / HOOD / BASED or anything that is real and has a deep and meaningful vibe. so please leave your Sirens and glow-sticks at the door. 

this event will be held at : http://plug.dj/surullinen/

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/478392812284027

The Future

info: none

link: https://www.facebook.com/events/347773375324984

Clift N. Anthony X Bored Lord (ongoing)
An aesthetic from a distant object pulsing 1’s and 0’s through space into your news feed / / / Emoticons reading as hieroglyphs breaking down modern melancholy into its most basic forms / / / 3D forms juxtaposed against truncated beats mixing the raw nature of a unique individual with the collective composite of the digital persona. 

Clift N. Anthony X Bored Lord
brought to you by: Gallery Online

To visit the show go to www.galleryonl.in/e 
From Feb. 14th to March 14th

Bored Lord is an electronic music producer and digital visual artist and animator. His aural landscapes traverse patchworks of samples and synthesis that range from uptempo polyrhythmic juke or jungle flips to slower low-key lo-fi synth-laden r&b efforts. His visual art takes form of both stills and moving images. He works within 3D realms of modified objects that remain static or transform through motion. His visual output showcases the human form in a digital reality in environments that are both inviting and alienating. 
link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1463870830501559

Detroit’s Molly Soda remixes Marina Abramovic and then invites us to remix as well.

From Molly:

"made a new post on New Hive where i re-interpret marina abramovic’s “rhythm 0” performance (where she places 72 objects on a table for the audience to use on her while she remains passive). i have placed 72 digital objects for you to use however you’d like on me (resize, delete, hide me, go wild~) “


Remixes done thus far:




Mitch Posada's 3d sculpture “Plant Cells” on Club Rothko by Vince Mckelvie + LaTurbo Avedon


Mitch Posada's untitled 3d sculpture on Club Rothko by Vince Mckelvie + LaTurbo Avedon