Selected Works

The following highlights a selection of projects from my extensive career as a Creative Director, Digital Artist, and Marketer of digital content that are highly curated and relevant to the Asian Art Museum’s Director of Digital Content role. These projects showcase not only the breadth of my work but also its high artistic caliber, achieved through collaborations with world-class partners. For a more comprehensive understanding of my history and approach to digital content, I invite you to explore my interviews and discussions, which provide deeper insights into my expertise and creative vision.

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Digital Art / Web3 / Wearables

Givenchy NFT Wearables

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  • Spearheaded art direction in collaboration with Givenchy’s Creative Director.
  • Orchestrated the production of high poly 3D scanning of exclusive fashion pieces.
  • Pioneered the creation of art assets.
  • Managed a team of digital creatives to create virtual wearables and NFTs.
  • Project received widespread coverage in: Vogue, Complex, Elle, and more.

Augmented Reality:

Diesel Interactive Art EXPERIENCE

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  • Directed collaboration with the clothing brand Diesel to produce an immersive experience blending digital and physical.
  • Guided creative direction and production of AR-activated clothing and interactive art pieces.
  • Achieved outstanding reviews from the New York art and media community.
  • Featured prominently in high-profile fashion scene magazines.

Virtual Reality:

Digital Art exhibition with Superrare

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  • Led the creative direction and production of the first fully immersive Virtual Reality digital art exhibition on the blockchain in collaboration with Superrare, a leading NFT Art Marketplace.
  • Successfully generated over 25 ETH in sales ($100,000+ at the time), utilizing blockchain technology to distribute proceeds directly to artists featured in the exhibition.
  • The exhibition continues to be celebrated for its innovative approach and exploration of complex themes, setting it apart in the NFT art space.

Digital Content at the museum of the african Diaspora

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Augmented reality Exhibition “Digitalia”

  • Orchestrated the production, marketing, and co-curation of MoAD’s first fully Augmented Reality exhibition.
  • Showcased artwork from more than 12 of the most prominent digital artists globally within the African Diaspora, including my own creations.

Exhibition & Catalog activated with Augmented Reality

  • Collaborated closely with the curatorial team, guest curators, and artists to enhance the “Coffee, Rhum, Sugar, and Gold” exhibition and printed catalog with Augmented Reality.
  • Recorded and meticulously edited over 3 hours of in-depth conversations with artists, curators, and staff, providing valuable insights into the exhibition’s content.

Virtual Exhibition: Meet Us Quickly

  • Directed the production and web design for MoAD’s exclusive fully online exhibition, a first for the institution.
  • Worked in close collaboration with incarcerated artists to showcase their work, coordinate interviews, and manage press interactions.
  • The project garnered significant exposure, achieving arts coverage typically reserved for physical exhibitions, including a notable feature in SF/Arts.

Digital Content at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

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“After Life” Exhibition 3D Scan and Interaction

  • Led production and creative direction for the digitalization of “After Life” a multimedia public art experience that brings artists together to explore speculative and real modes of survival.

Virtual YBCA 100

  • Hosted a dynamic “choose your own adventure” event on the Ohyay platform, granting each attendee the freedom to explore various rooms and the 75-minute Summit at their preferred pace.
  • Applied principles of video game design to reimagine and enhance the overall summit experience, making it more engaging and interactive.

Digital Activations of Public Art

  • Collaborated closely with artists to develop an Augmented Reality experience that seamlessly complemented the installation, encouraging deeper visitor engagement and prompting a specific call to action.
  • Successfully achieved a digital representation of the artists’ vision that closely aligned with and even conceptually surpassed the physical installation.

Immersive audio Experience for Anna Sergeeva’s “Love at firstline”

  • Conceptualized and developed an immersive audio experience.
  • Identified, convinced, and partnered with highly skilled immersive sound designers to collaborate with the artist on a shoestring budget.
  • Contributed to the creation of “love @ first line,” a site-specific public artwork by Anna Sergeeva, which envelops YBCA’s architecture with the first lines of love poems from various centuries, translated into San Francisco’s official languages. The audio component served as a bridge between these lines of love and was created in collaboration with artists Miel Esperanza Alegre, Kenny Ng, and Javier Saavedra.

Select Video Projects

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These are video projects that I’ve had the privilege of spearheading, overseeing every facet of production, direction, and editing, in close collaboration with dedicated teams, talented collaborators, and a host of other creative professionals. These projects represent a culmination of artistic vision, technical expertise, and creative synergy, resulting in visually compelling and thought-provoking video content.

Game Development

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Creating my own video game was an exhilarating and transformative experience. It marked the culmination of countless hours of dedication, learning, and creative exploration. From the initial concept to the final lines of code, I took the lead in every aspect of the game’s development.

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