FELT is an experimental internet art platform and artist collective. Its IRL and URL experiences examine digital activism, hip hop culture, race, gender, and class. Since the start of FELT in 2011 the collective has grown from a small group of like-minded creatives to an international movement which spans the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

To contact us email info@feltzine.us

Mark Sabb, aka Mark Digital, is a net artist, curator, and founder of the FELT collective. Mark’s work focuses on themes related to gangsta rap, black history and culture, and the youth-oriented energy of hip hop. From the initial founding of FELT Mark has infused politics and protest into his brand of internet art.

Devon​ ​Moore​ ​aka Dev Moore is ​a ​net ​artist, ​curator, ​creative ​technologist, ​and ​member ​of ​the ​FELT ​collective. Dev’s ​work ​incorporates ​technology, ​modern-day ​youth experiences, ​personhood, ​music culture, ​and more all while referencing ​components of ​tech ​culture.