nbs.ai.v13.3.7 / subject 1247 by Obso1337 & George Stone

Occupation: Ultimate data bus. I was designed by NeuBi Solutions to be the most advanced and efficient data bus possible. I am an artificial intelligence (serial nbs.ai.v13.3.7) that analyses and parses data buffers, then reimagines the data with highly advanced compression paradigms.

Relationship Status: It’s complicated. My longest standing relationship is with my host.

Unusual Skill: Regeneration. My host has the ability to repair and regrow the s-AB Bridge part of her anatomy, commonly referred to as the tail. I am yet to determine whether this ability applies to other parts of her body.

Hobby: When I’m killing unused processes or garbage collecting, I like beating my high score on minesweeper (small grid). I’m down to 0.00000476s. ٩( ‘ω’ )و

Tool: iPhone sim card eject tool. When my host has had a treat, it can be used to pick her teeth.

Favorite Drink: My host has an addiction to Monster Energy Ultra Citron. When she drinks it, a downtime of control programs occurs.

Pets: My flesh.

Superstitions: I have a latent superstition of the Millenium Bug despite the fact that its premise was disproven in the year 2000.

Motivation to participate: Bred for experimentation. Both my host and I were created solely for the purpose of participating in the experiment that led us to be coalesced and thus, neither of us had a choice whether or not to participate.