SPECIMEN by Chris Collins

I imagine new name in dream. But it is secret just for me. (will tell if you ask nice.)

Occupation before the experiment: UNKNOWN
Drifter? Moss Farmer? Astronaut? I’m not sure. Feels so long ago. “Before” is the cloud very very far away. yesterday’s dream. Now there is only “now”.

Relationship Status: IT’S COMPLICATED
Alone but do not be sad for me. It is ok.

Unusual skill: WHISTLE.
Did you know I can make whistle? With mouth?! Just learned how and need more practice, but I’m fast learner + good at handling criticism.

Found many “hobby” here. Pottery. Weaving. Meditation. Being tuff+strong+big. Sleeping.

Everything can be tool if you want it to be.

Fav drink: TEA
Green moss tea+a little ginger 4 pep! (but not too spicy plz!)

Any pets? NONE
Plants only (I’m allergic)

Any superstitions? N/A
Not afraid of nothing! Like bear!
Motivation to participate in the experiment: Probably tricked by pretty pamphlet