Vivi by Wednesday Kim

Viviparidae aka Vivi

Occupation before the experiment :  A part-time acupuncturist who specializes in facials. ( I also had a second job, Uber Eats driver) Mommy I’m hungry.

Relationship Status: Divorced. I divorced my ex-husband who never made any money. Umma!

Unusual skill:  My body can shoot darts like Cupid. They make your face into a more desirable v-shape.

Hobbie: Overthinking. Mommy look! Watching sad anime. I play a Japanese slapping game called “Rose and Camellia”

Tool: Gardening tool for my daughter

Fav drink: Bang! Energy stimulator and fat loss aid (cotton candy flavor) I am tired. Mommy I want podo.

Any pets?  Snail…

Any superstitions? The story of Ungnyeo (so we can go back to being humans again) Its scary, Umma!

Motivation to participate in an experiment: I thought I could minimize the stress of being responsible for another body by joining bodies with my daughter. Also, to fix my pineal gland problem, but it is still not working well. Look! Mosquitos!