King’s Dream by Mark “Digital” Sabb for FELT

This interactive website originally premiered in collaboration with The Creators Project:

Experience King’s Dream here:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is often remembered for his “I Have A Dream” speech, but his messaging concerning income inequality and the redistribution of wealth, protesting the Vietnam war, and vilifying the white house has been suppressed in order to promote the image of a Gandhi-inspired peace protestor. While Dr. King made amazing progress for civil rights with peaceful protests, towards his final moments Dr. King’s messaging started to align with the ideals of Malcolm X, and other African American leaders considered radical to mainstream America today.
With this piece we hope to take back the narrative of Dr. Martin Luther King and expand it to remind people he was more than one speech.
Many who followed Dr. King closely speculate that his direct attacks on capitalism, and the large impact that would be felt from African Americans unifying economically against those who make a living off of exploiting poor people of color, led to his assassination as much, if not more than, his ideas about racial unity.
– Mark “Digital” Sabb


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