Synchronize: By Marley Pitch & Neptune Prince | HEAR FELT

Felt Zine presents ‘Synchronize’, an audiovisual collaboration from musician Marley Pitch and 3D digital artist Neptune Prince. The 1st release from Marley’s ‘I Haven’t Forgotten’ EP, released today and available below:

Marley Pitch’s ballad presents an ode to the phases of interpersonal relationships and New-Gen communication. The video encompasses a world envisioned of cybernetic organisms experiencing chaotic, transitional periods of growth throughout the video. Neptune Prince’s 3D-immersed world of digital renders provides an electronic universe of symbiotic nature between two entities growing closer together through time.


What inspirations did the video derive from?

Neptune Prince: “I think I was heavily inspired by ideas of utopian society for the video. There are a lot of bright, pristine colors that you’ll probably never see in your waking life, so I thought it was pretty interesting to play with something that I’d never really seen before.”


Marley Pitch: “I was trying to string through the entire EP’s overall premise, which is ‘Where do nature and the Internet intersect? It feels like as a society we’ve managed to code our human essence into the Internet. You can go to someone’s Tumblr or Instagram profile and feel like you understand a part of them. I just wanted to emulate that in the video concept and the music itself somehow.”


Hear Marley’s latest ‘I Haven’t Forgotten’ EP, available now:

Video Directed + Edited by Neptune Prince

Album Written & Produced by Marley Pitch

In Collaboration with Felt Zine.