Slide to Expose Recap: A Nicole Ruggiero, Molly Soda, & Refrakt Collaboration

Video by Clusterfuck

Slide To Expose (Feb 23-March 9) is the collaborative augmented reality exhibition between 3D visual artist Nicole Ruggiero, American artist Molly Soda, and Berlin-based collective Refrakt. The AR experience aims to explore the interpersonal depths of digital intimacy, privacy, life/death, and the new perceptions that these concepts endure through technology and AR.

The BABYCASTLES exhibition, closing Thursday, March 9, utilizes the visitors’ phones when entering the  bedroom filled with digital objects and materials that are only seen through the accompaniment of the visitor’s iphone. Scanning a pillow creates a text message, scanning a mug generates an email, each, together, creating a second living layer in a constant state of fragmentation and regeneration. An infinite cycle of new life and immediate death all in one space.


Nicole: “We wanted to create something relatable and fun for people that deals with the internet and our everyday lives. Something just really accessible. It was also important to be able to make it engaging since A.R. is such a new thing and can be confusing or scary to some people. But mostly I think we wanted to make something fun, entertaining, and unique using A.R., the internet, and our digital consciousness and real life emotions.”


Visit Slide to Expose at BABYCASTLES until MARCH 9, 2017.
Babycastles, 137 W 14th St New York, NY 10011. #slidetoexpose