G1ft3d Art is a Guatemala-based motion graphics artist that incorporates various themes of existentialism, parody, & cyberspace in order to create new lanes of 3D art. Their latest project, ‘Free Yourself’, featuring Anka Zinovieva, explores these such notions.


You have an intriguing mixture of environmental elements intermingled with digital design. where does this style of yours derive from? In other words, what drives you to make art in this manner?

This is a great question, sometimes my work is just the answer of questions that I have, what if androids and humans coexists as one in the future? What if new species of virus are found in lost areas of our planet? What if nature decides to take control? What if new species are evolving as we speak and become dominant? What if there’s a mixture of robotic virus being born/created? I like to imagine a lot of things and then I just bring it through my work.


What do your latest selections explore or touch on?

Most of my new work is a mixture of futurism, sarcasm, symbolism and a touch of fun or parody. I’m in a place where I don’t have to prove my technical skills to anyone. I’d rather have a story to share than try to prove to everyone I’m good at my software skills. I want to keep pushing the gif art/motion graphics to its limits.


Does your place of residence inspire your work in any capacity?

I am born and raised in Guatemala, this is the place that inspires my work; It’s a very beautiful place but our society has many issues that need all the attention possible, its a heavenly dark place on earth. As an artist it’s almost impossible to not be influenced or inspired by the events that happen here.


Who/What are your inspirations for the work you produce/create?

I am very inspired by the unknown. The mysteries of our existence fascinates me the most; I’m very inspired by people that work hard and want to be out of their safe places, Visionary creators also inspire me… Artists like Skrillex, David Blaine, Dali, Frazetta, Kanye West etc.

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Catch G1ft3d Art at the ScreenDanceFestival as a 2017 Official Selection, in Stockholm Sweden.🏆 g1ft3d.co as well as the Winner of MicroCinema of Attractions in 2016.

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