SuperHD: VR Highlight #1 | NO ESC |Brooklyn with Nicole Ruggiero

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SuperHD will host the Nicole Ruggiero produced virtual reality experience, ‘NO ESC’ in Brooklyn, NYC! Catch the 1st of 3 meditative virtual reality experiences at Superchief Gallery on Saturday, June 10th! ‘NO ESC’ is produced by Developer/Artist Michelle Cortese, Developer Prash Thapan, 3D visual artist Jeremy McKeehen, & Sound Designer Calvin Hunting.

5 (1)Nicole: “No ESC is a game about the inundation of notifications on social technology. Starting off in a room where you are standing on top of a large phone, another individual seems to be sending you a slew of text messages. After reading the conversation it’s obvious this individual is very flustered and upset with you. Simultaneously you are receiving phone calls, instant messages, and emails among other notifications.”

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As the experience continues these messages and notifications are growing more chaotic while the tone of the room becomes more intense, prompting you to interact with the objects. “Do u ever want to smash ur devices? Do u ever want to tell the world “fuck u” and [crash] it all down? same. come hang [at SuperHD] to do this in a cool VR experience.”

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URL and IRL is combined with FELT zine’s SuperHD event, showcasing internet art from around the world. FELT is an experimental internet art platform and artist collective. Our experiences examine digital activism, hip hop culture, race, gender, and class. In the meantime, take a flashback to Nicole’s FELT Issue as well as her process of creating HyperCulture Hana this year!


Superchief Gallery, located in Ridgewood, Queens New York & Downtown Los Angeles, was founded in 2012 by William Dunleavy and Edward Zipco.

Contact Nicole Ruggiero at:

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$10 Tickets available through Venmo, paid to @superchiefgallery