FELT CHAT | PELTS | ‘EYE IN THE SKY’ (Digital Short)

Watch ‘Eye In the Sky’, the mixed-media surveillance visual by LA-based band Pelts!

Directed: Paul Plastic, Jim Swill
Additional Cinematography by Alex Brown

‘Eye of the Sky’ is the 1st single off Pelt’s upcoming debut record “They Say”, scheduled for release in June 2017. The style of the video is all in surveillance camera footage, phone footage, and web cam, giving it a voyeuristic perspective from people both watching over us & from our own devices.

You can listen to live mixes and submit your tracks for Pelt’s monthly radio show “Target Practice” on www.dublab.com, every 2nd Sunday @ 2PM.


The visual blends surveillance culture with online dating culture, drawing parallels to the inherently malicious violations on an unknown basis that we experience. We end up with the feeling of being watched while at the same time recording ones own environment.

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