Vicki Dang for Felt Zine Issue #41

Visual 3D artist Vicki Dang’s artistry combines the physical and spiritual forces of objects around her in the 41st issue of Felt Zine. Access the interactive issue here:


Vicki Dang is able to illustrate the complexities of personal and cultural dimensions that are present in an individual’s psyche. “The theme is ‘Restraining’, says Vicki. “The whole thing isn’t so visually coherent as I was trying to play around with different styles and various understandings of the theme.”


It started at a very basic level where it focuses on how objects in my daily life are cultural restraints, then cultural figures in work like Robo-Cop that stand for restraint force; then it becomes more mental and spiritual, where I feel my own body is a restraint as well.”


Vicki Dang’s perspective of restraints are present in various forms of existence, from daily activities to robo-cops in the midst of her world. These ideals of restraint provide a pathway towards further understanding limitless possibilities and individual-collectivist perspectives that are present in every mindset.

Check out the 41st Issue of FELT Zine here, and check out more of Vicki Dang‘s work here, as well as Instagram and Tumblr.


Catch this interactive issue at the Free FELT San Francisco Art Exhibition on Thursday, Aug 3rd, and at FELT SuperHD at the Superchief Gallery NY, Saturday, Aug. 12th.

Written by @DevMoore