NYC FELT SUPERHD: Saturday, October 14th: SuperChief Gallery NY

SuperHD is lit this Saturday, Oct 14th, with two new audio/visual experiences featuring exclusive music by ICY TWAT , a live set by New Jersey DJ Ase Manual, and a 3-Dimensional music installation visual and musical duo Chewing Foil! Plus a SURPRISE Jeron Braxton 3D short film. Tickets here:


#SuperchiefGalleryNY and #FELTZine Present: FELT #SuperHD, a monthly event series featuring VR, net art, and 3D experimental video art, blurring the lines between IRL and URL. Pre-order tickets here for a surprise merch pack or cop at the door.


Vibe to Audio/Visual collaborations featuring music crafted and curated by the net’s dopest musicians! ICY TWAT(Chicago producer / rapper) is premiering a mix of new music featuring original instrumentals and new takes on legendary hip hop and r&b tracks. Electronic producer Ase Manual will blend Jersey and Future Club sounds live to create the waviest of sets experienced in an art space.


Chewing Foil, a project by visual artist Paul Plastic & musician Corbo, will feature a live + physical 3-Dimensional light installation alongside a synth-based DJ set.

We will also be premiering never-before-seen visual art by Jeron Braxton, VNGNC, Mark Sabb, and more in between sets all night.

Additional DJing support by DevHD and Chris Summers.


FELT is an experimental internet art platform and artist collective. Our  experiences examine digital activism, hip hop culture, race, gender, and class. Since the origins of FELT the collective has grown from a small group of like-minded creatives to an international movement.

Superchief Gallery NY

Felt Zine

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