Paul Plastic for Felt Zine Issue #42

FELT Issue 42 featuring Paul Plastic is here for Black Friday! Paul Plastic’s vision implies the environmental and psychedelic elements of nature in our 42nd issue of Felt Zine. Access the FULL interactive issue here:

EAT THE SUN 1 high

Paul Plastic and a posse of trusty collaborators present their collection of vibrant experiences and psychedelic 3D environments. Felt Zine Issue 42 with Paul Plastic also features Cristina Troisi, Kayla Camerucci, Marine Monochromesupershy_company, and Paulina Vasquez. Check the exclusive zine here + exclusive Instagram selections here.

paulplastic and Cristina Troisi collab 3.jpg

Check out the 42nd Issue of FELT Zine here, and check out more of Paul Plastic‘s work here, as well as Instagram and their audiovisual band Chewing Foil.

paulplastic and Kayla camercucci collab 2.jpg

Chewing Foil will perform in New York City’s SuperHD exhibition hosted by FELT + Superchief Gallery, Saturday, December 16th in Brooklyn, NYC.

paulplastic and Marine monochrome collab high.jpg

Catch this interactive issue at the FELT SuperHD on Saturday, Dec 16th, alongside a brand new premiere of Paul Plastic’s surprise short film on the same damn night homie.

paulplastic and paulina vasquez collab final 2 high.jpg

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