Sevi Iko Dømochevsky for FELT Zine Issue 43

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2bigA visual alchemist by trade, Sevi Iko Dømochevsky creates breathtaking surreal imagery that seamlessly blends real-life environments with otherworldly textures. Enter Dømochevsky’s laboratory and see the world though his 3D glasses.

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“I’m obsessed with change and transformation, figures of power and ultimately, transcendence over one’s identity,” says Dømochevsky. “This is an exploration of the primitive essence of the soul, unleashed and freed from the physical laws it naturally constraints it , mutating into something new, a bodiless expression of the self, pure energy able to manifest anything and manipulate everything at will. A forced and controlled evolution of the soul, which eventually, with enough energy and processing power, will be a tangible reality.”


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Written by Dev Moore & AriURL