Lordess Foudre for FELT ZINE 44

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Happy Valentines Day Edition of FELT Zine with cyber-collage artist, Lordess Foudre. Experience her realm of technological dystopia on this crazy-ass holiday. “Right now I’m obsessed with idea that your subconscious is surfing the internet while you sleep, and your dreams are the websites that it visits throughout the night,” says Foudre. “When you wake up, all of the browsing history has been deleted by an embarrassed subconscious, and your vague memories are the cookies files that your subconscious forgot to delete.”


Experience the rest of the issue NOW on FELT’s interactive page, via mobile or desktop below. Music by Hudson Alexander of the Bedroomer Collective. Catch Felt Zine’s upcoming hiphop + netart concert on March 31st in San Francisco!

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Written By: Dev Moore