Blake Kathryn for Felt Zine 45

NEW FELT Zine ALERT: Click the Interactive Issue HERE featuring Blake Kathryn.


Felt Zine is here with a mythical netart FELT Issue, featuring Los-Angeles based artist Blake Kathryn! Blake Kathryn’s new body of work is a modern take on something quite ancient: Greek Mythology. The exploration of both futurism and mythology exist hand in hand with each other, presenting a balanced examination of history alongside modern concepts of #netart and current technology. This particular intertwining of themes showcases our society’s increasingly scarce need for self-awareness amongst a monumental past and unhinged technology in the modern era.

This unique fusion of myth and modernity transports us to new heights… Mount Olympus has a new face, and its 3D! The series, exclusively published by Felt Zine, is a merge of Net + Mythology (#Nethology), referencing classic Greek myths in modern culture.


Blake Kathryn is a multidisplinary designer focused in illustration, iconography, and branding. Her style also delves between 2D & 3D aesthetics, while crafting dreamscapes of pastels and neons. Her work touches upon themes of nostalgia, states of consciousness, and vices.


Experience the rest of the issue NOW on FELT’s interactive page, via mobile or desktop below. Music by Peggy Gou. Catch Felt Zine’s upcoming hiphop + netart concert, FeltFest, on March 31st in San Francisco!

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Written By: Dev Moore & AriUrl

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