Teyosh Studio for Felt Zine 46

Dictionary of Online Behavior: WFF for Eva Papamargariti
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Felt Zine Issue 46 has arrived with Teyosh Studio, the Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary visual artist duo comprised of Sofija and Teodora. This issue covers the ongoing Dictionary of Online Behavior, an ongoing interactive series that examines the social and online culture of tendencies that arise within the internet and society’s ever-growing technology. The project has extended beyond their personal realms into collaborations with other artists as well.

Forcie: From the Dictionary of Online Behavior

Dictionary of Online Behavior defines and addresses new cultural terms such as #Forcie, (a selfie that you don’t voluntarily take part in but you are “forced” by someone’s enthusiasm). These terms contextualize the unknown and ever-surprising present and future that our society produces within our social-technological usage. The interactive project also manages to present suggestions for usage of each term, as well as an exclusive Felt Zine in the format of custom-made gifs.

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“The use of electronic devices has to some extent changed the communication,” says Teyosh. “But the appearance of social networks has created a new set of phenomena in communication, adding a layer to our relationships and, more widely, to the perception of the world around us. While communicating online people find themselves in entirely different situations and judge the behavior of others by new parameters. The online conditions ask for a new set of concepts and a different intuition we adopted in order to read and analyze internet-based communication. By defining and analyzing this newly emerged language we get a fresh perspective on our reality that consists both of offline and online lives intertwined.”


This interactive project provides the display of current social relationships that exist around us in every community. The definition of a stranger has altogether changed in particular, while the narration of a human life has entered new modes of documentation and observation.

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Written By: Dev Moore