Internet DarkRoom for Felt Zine 47

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Felt Zine Issue 47 arrives with the mysterious InternetDarkRoom, the net-based digital artist comes through with an exclusive + interactive FELT Zine addressing the times before social media. An era filled with uncharted territory and free expression without the chains of monopolistic social media platforms that exploit our personal data in today’s time.


“This body of work was very heavily focused on the internet of old,” says InternetDarkRoom. In my mind, a time before FaceBook where social media was a nearly nonexistent facet of internet culture. The users themselves were different as well: spending most of your time online, whether it was arguing with strangers on forums, or playing online games, or chatting with bots on AIM, was not the norm like it is today.


“Everything was new, all websites and ideas achingly novel in their own weird ways, whereas today the whole internet is more or less governed by large social media platforms. I wanted to capture the essence of these ideas by not only integrating old, familiar programs and services into textures and patterns, but in the execution of the work itself.”


“Half of these pieces were created at about 1/3 of the polygon count I normally design at, and they were rendered with a more prehistoric engine, to give them a very aged appearance. Others were constructed in spaces purposely too large and empty for them, as a sort of reflection on how I feel smaller websites and personal websites must feel in the current internet economy: alone, almost always forgotten. The results were very nostalgic to me, and I hope they are to the viewer as well!”


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Written By: Dev Moore