VNGNC for Felt Zine 50

Issue 50 is here! FELT Zine #50 presents VNGNC, the multidisciplinary motion graphic designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia examining existentialism, society, and the subconscious mind. Watch the interactive issue here + interview below:


Who is VNGNC?

VNGNC: VNGNC was originally an online persona that I’ve been holding to for many years now. Originally intended to represent me on the net, it once grew into this mad character that gained popularity in Indonesia‘s YouTube scene for [my] fresh and blunt talks in the video, I think.

It was once functioning as my personal branding online but has turned into something that was very different from its original purpose. Not that I disliked the way it evolved, I just don’t think it should represent my other artistic personality when I do a lot of my work.


Tell us about this FELT Zine series of work.

I look at this series of work as something to represent the current reality of our existence as human being. we’re all heading toward a society that are immersed in virtual reality. Even worse, our whole existence might just be a simulation in a virtual reality headset happening in a world hundreds of years in the future. I’m trying to convey this idea of virtual reality as a part of our human evolutionary history through this series of work.


How has Jakarta Indonesia effected your work?

From where I stand, I think it is one of the less-expensive cities in the world to live and work while being able to maintain a good foreign relationship. That being said, I think there are many talents in Jakarta that are at par with those in other, more established cities of the world.  But I really like to gaze and contemplate about existence, society, and our reality in general. I’ve always been like that for a while now I don’t think it’s a phase anymore at this point.


Making digital art proposes its own series of technical, conceptual, and even ideological difficulties. What difficulties have you learned to overcome through your work?

One thing bothers me a lot was idea realization. Sometimes when I didn’t feel inspired or doing anything creative when I start my day, I would just let it slide – give my creative mind some rest while doing some necessary paperwork. But when I DO get ideas and inspiration, that’s where the challenge is – to not overwhelm myself with my own ideas and inspirations. I know it’s good to be inspired, but I don’t think getting too many ideas at once would help anybody. I used to just play Russian roulette with my head and its ideas. Picking one or few ideas that I had and try making it into a real thing. Most of the time it’d fell flat before I even start previewing a render, haha. So I think to myself, wouldn’t it be better if I could just systematically filter ideas that I got and just selectively do the ones that are the most promising of all?


Do you consider the internet to be more of a source of inspiration for your work or a means of presenting it?

Definitely. I gain most of my inspiration from what I see on the internet, from the reality of our world whether it’s happening before my eyes in real life or happening on the internet. Presenting stuff on the internet, I just think it’s one of the best ways to put anyone’s stuff out there at the moment. Most parts of the internet [are] currently free right now; so that’s a really good and cheap way to get yourself known in the world, I guess. But more importantly, I think the internet can definitely serve its own art space. There are just things that won’t be possible in any way to be presented in real tangible world. I think the internet is more than just an extension of our real world. It should be a real world on its own. Holding its own events, having its own art genres and mediums. Imagine having an HTML 5 art event, or an interactive VR exhibition hahaha. The possibilities are nearly infinite and we’re just getting started.


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Written By: Dev Moore & Ned Daniel

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