dvdv: Existential thoughts and neural networks in the A.I. age (Album)

FELT premieres dvdv’s latest album, ai aman audiovisual interactive website exploring existential thought and neural networks in the A.I. age.

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The album’s 11 tracks consist of dvdv absorbing their imminent environment combined with neural synthesizers and deep machine learning systems that develop new sounds with the data fed to them. The experimentation of sonic textures that represent the artist’s internal/external struggles with technology and its relation to nature, while continuing to exist with vulnerability and sensitivity. Raw, ethereal vocals organically co-exist with ambient, technological hardware throughout the album.

The first half of the project seems to focus heavily on the limits of language. On “Happiness”, dvdv sings over twangy synths and muted 808 kicks, repeating the refrain, “i can feel what you feel”. The track seems fixated on the central idea that happiness (as a placeholder for any learned emotion) is something universally understood. Considering the artist’s own search for inner piece on this project, the track’s emphasis on a longing for connection feels especially pointed; guiding the project towards dvdv’s more philosophical efforts to unpack the ramifications of teaching empathy, identity, and a more abstracted concept of humanity to new forms of intelligence.

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Written By: Ned Daniel & Dev Moore

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