Erased Memories for Felt Zine 52

Felt Zine is back with issue #52. Experience the interactive issue here and get to know the ongoing render-based artist, Erased Memories, below.


A self-described “human body transformation” artist, EMemories uses body horror in their exploration of the boundaries between sex, consumer culture, and abstract modern culture.


Where are you located? How has it affected the content of your work?

Erased Memories: I live and work in Hamburg // Germany. This city gives me a good balance of calm-down and work-hard. You have areas to just get out of everything and stay in a completely meditative status; To focus your mind and find new inspiration out of the things around you. There is always a charm of melancholy vibrating around you sometimes.


How did the internet influence your development? What websites did you frequent when you first got on the web? How did these sites influenced your art? How did they shape your personality?

The first websites I visited were mostly sites where you could play flash games, watch music videos or discover other random stuff. It must be said that I was at that time between 14 – 16 years old when the Internet got into every household. Much later, platforms such as Behance, Deviantart or other art sites were born on which you could discover Digital Art. The Internet is a Huge Space of influences for me. There are massive Details I recognize, filter and try to built into my works. Its like a constantly growing Project. Still processing content.

What ideas do you hope to convey with this body of work? Why is it necessary these ideas be conveyed through digital media?

This is just a small part of a bigger project. Organic Forms and Bodies in a 3D World transformed into a 2D Poster size Format. It is a part of a series called “Digital Fetish Library.”  Its necessary to use Digital Media in this case because its part of the concept / Digital Fetish Library. There are almost unlimited ways to create this kind of Art and recreate it in a different way again and again. “The visual language of the web has definitely expanded and defined what fetish means for me.”


This series is confrontational in its presentation of shocking, if not brutal violence against the body form. Why do you feel these images need to be made? Why do you think you should be the one making them?

It seems that my kind of work is brutal violence against the female form. But its more a reflection of the modern culture we live in. Its a critique of our consumer society. A thought of Body Love in an abstract way and also a view of Gender morality. It’s also a part of a really rare fetish some people have. I reproduce the hidden pleasures some people have; to make things visible. Transparent facts about Digital Fetish in modern culture. I want to create new thoughts and impressions, [plus] a way to understand ourselves a little bit more; And to understand how the internet defined ourselves over the years.


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Written By: Ned Daniel & Dev Moore