Corbo – if only u knew (Video Premiere)

The L.A. vaporwave-inspired audiovisual group, Chewing Foil, have released the latest offering from member Corbo’s upcoming album. Watch the Paul Plastic-directed video above:

“Future and past aesthetics collide inside a mundane east Los Angeles Mexican restaurant while silently awaiting your burrito on a dark lonely night. Projected upon the television in the corner, an ancient goddess of divine wisdom beckons. Sheathed in cackling electricity, she beckons as a vaporwave style beat fractures further and further into madness… As the song jumps around, so does the video, providing glimpses into other realms as the pitch shifting chorus of Japanese voices slides about playfully.

Suddenly the song pitches down and we are projected into another dimension, inhabited by aliens and gods in an apartment outside of time and space, containing infinite possibilities. Juxtaposed against the monochrome reality of the restaurant, the smooth cgi renders and frantic circuit bent analog video content combine to create a fitting sense of our current situation: a generation driven to the brink of insanity; suspended between what was and what will be… ripped asunder by between infinite darkness and pure harmony.

As the song pitches back down the vocals echo and reverberate peacefully while scenes of a woman using an iPhone and CD player gently unwind you back into modernity. As the track fades into silence Corbo lull’s us into a confused nostalgic haze with samples from some long defunct pyramid scheme.”

Check out Corbo’s Tape “Love & Productivity” when it comes out next Tuesday on his Label Chewing Foil.

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