Felt SuperHD LosAngeles Oct 20: ASMARA, Selam, & More

Grab tickets for our crazy Los Angeles experimental art show, SuperHD, on Saturday, October 20th at the Superchief Gallery LA! Cop tickets HERE now:
Plus sets by FadeToMind’s Asmara, Bay Area’s Selam, and more below: http://feltzinela.eventbrite.com


Experiences amazing 3D art, exclusive virtual reality, and amazing DJ sets from Asmara and Selam. Catch NEW MERCH with AlliedForcesPress at our #PrintLab, an on-spot printshop to create never-before-seen Felt Zine merchandise at the show. The FadeToMind music artist Asmara pulls up for a fire eclectic club DJ set, plus sounds by SELAM throughout the night.


Never-before-seen virtual reality / 360 video exhibitions, lit hiphop DJ sets, and wild 3D art by Mark Digital, ShotByKusk, Jawn Billetes, Dev Moore, Blake Kathryn, Liam Bosecke, Nude Robot, Elle Cortese, and more 🔥in between sets all nite. One night only!

Vibe out to 3D audiovisual experiences and amazing art installations from the Felt Zine crew plus BIG music surprises, Chewing Foil, and more! Plus exclusive FELT ZINE videos and our latest 3D experimental video art premiering throughout the night.


Live exclusive video premieres from MarkDigital, Dev Moore, Laneya Billingsley, Nina Hawkins, Thomas McMahan, Elle Cortese, and more all night. 🔥

More to be announced! More Updates on:
Instagram: https://instagram.com/feltzine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/feltzine

Grab tickets for the show here: http://feltzinela.eventbrite.com

Written by: Dev Moore