Feltzine x S Magazine Exclusive Photography Collection

The FELT team recently pulled up to S Magazine to pull off a next-level collaborative feature for one of our exciting & upcoming digital art exhibitions.

The exhibition features Tokyo-based photographer Lasse Kusk, also known as “Shot by Kusk,” who is currently exploding the digital boundaries of photography with 3D artist Aaron Jablonski (known online as @exitsimulation), a German media artist that experiments with various forms of augmented reality & digital media. exitsimulation’s recent series of viral Instagram face filters have skyrocketed the 29-year-old to nearly 76,000 followers over the last month.

Exitsimulation and Shot by Kusk started their collaborative experiments online with a common ground set in the experimentation of physical materials and seamless synthetic texture integrations while illuminating the boundaries between the two dimensions.

Within the photographic images, all the latex creations in this collaboration have been handcrafted by WESTWARD BOUND. The origins and concepts of Westward Bound are culturally rich, diverse, and have evolved from a mix of London’s punk explosion and the Soho neighborhood of London’s underground clubland movements of the late 1970s/ early 1980s. Indeed, they were lovingly referred to as “the dark side of the New Romantics,” a tag they took as a fabulous compliment and a reflection of their love of a party, with an edge. Today WESTWARD BOUND has evolved into “One of the UK’s [perhaps the world’s] most successful fetish labels.” – Quoted by TheFetishistas, London.

This feature is the first preview we’ll see from the upcoming collaboration between exitsimulation and Shot by Kusk. We’ll be announcing the exhibition soon.

Check the full collection on S Magazine’s site and catch more Felt Zine updates on our gram.

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– Written by Dev Moore & Lasse Kusk