Radimir Koch for Felt Zine 54

FELT Zine is back and better than ever with a new issue for the cult squad featuring Brooklyn-based artist/musician Radimir Koch. Experience the interactive issue here and get to know the next-gen fashion render-based artist, Radimir Koch, below.

Radimir Koch is a new media artist with an unrelenting focus on creating new forms of art that reflect their interpretation of society and their own ever-changing persona. Their work usually blends between a combination of illustrations, fashion photoshoots, zBrush, Cinema 4D, and most recently Daz3D as mediums to create a multi-layered production that places 3D garments over traditional photographs.

Alongside their evolutionary perspectives on fashion art, Radimir acts as a producer of eclectic sonics. Listen to their track with psalm entitled, “Pathos.”

Watch Felt Zine Issue 54 Here: FELT #54: Radimir Koch

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Written By: Dev Moore