Abu Blunt for Felt Zine 55

The ‘Link Up & Build’ is real! FeltZine’s interactive Issue #55 featuring Bionicle-fashion artist, Abu Blunt, is available HERE on our interactive zine. Hear about our time with Moscow-based artist Abu Blunt below:

Abu Blunt, a native of Russia, is a cutting-edge designer and creative director “using the language of sportswear to tell the complex story of immigration and cultural dialogue in today’s global world.”

Where are you located and how has it affected your work?
Abu Blunt: “I’m from Moscow. It’s a large and diverse city, but sometimes it seems to me gray and gloomy. Maybe that’s why I like the details of bright colors, which sometimes is not enough here.”

What are the essential or main ideas in your work?
AB: All that I do is one big world through which I reveal important problems, nostalgia, or just distractions [for] people from their daily routine. Most of my [recent] projects are connected with Bionicles, toys in which I played with a lot in childhood. The Bionicle universe is interesting not only as an object of nostalgia, but also in terms of graphic design; as well as the story and problems of their world, which are identical to the problems in our present world.

How would you describe your work, in your own words?
AB: “The main areas of my work are the creative direction and production of clothes. Also i have a team with whom we often work on graphic design projects.”

Does net culture or the internet impact your work as a source of inspiration or merely as a presentation of the work?

AB: “For me the internet is primarily a communication tool. Certainly it has a strong impact today, but I usually get inspired by the things from my real life.”

What are you looking forward to in the near future with your work?

“I just want to keep telling my story, sharing thoughts and ideas.”

Make sure to catch our interactive Felt Zine 55 here and stay tuned on for upcoming FELT exhibitions, parties, and artist talks opening this spring around the world. 🌎Issue #55: http://feltzine.us/issues/55/abublunt

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Written By: Dev Moore