L_Peixl for Felt Zine 56

FELT returns this week with the Romanian photo editor/fashion designer and may’be human, L_Peixl, for Felt Zine Issue 56! Check the interactive issue here and learn more about L_Peixl below:

Who is L_Peixl?
L_Peixl: “[I am] a Romanian artist who focuses on bringing the future reality closer to the immediate time frame by merging concepts belonging to mysterious/fantastic and technological areas with the real world present.”

Does the web have a large influence on your work process?
“Considering the amount of valuable information that it stores and the numerous sources of inspiration, I was able to gather up what I felt was needed for me to express myself the way I do now. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that I always considered possible what the actual reality didn’t permit yet and the online medium steadily fed this side of mine. Also, thanks to the Internet I am part of an amazing team: Vfxfreek and I got the chance to work with incredible people.”

How did your visual duo Vfxfreek start? And what’s the mission within that group?
“The best word to describe how it started is “unexpectedly”. The moment I met my partner, Angel, was simply out of the blue and somehow we instantly clicked. Vfxfreek was already a project at that time and at first we decided to collab. I was still exploring my illustrator side at that point. We kept on doing collabs until Vfxfreek started mirroring both of ourselves and that was when Angel told me that the project is now a team of two. The original mission was to bring our inner universe to the outside world through futuristic and dream-like sceneries. Alongside with our initial aim, we also wish to grow, develop ourselves and encourage others to be and express themselves.”

Does your work process bring about any difficulties?
One of the main difficulties was to learn how to deal with my creativity. At times, ideas overflow and I cannot help but to consider them all as potential future works. It gets overwhelming and consuming, leading to not being able to make the most out of them…[] at all. In order to overcome this, I started carrying a notebook around where I simply sketch the ideas on the spot. It became [a lot] easier to focus on one at a time and to express the general concept better than before.

There is a quality to your work that has a collage-like feeling to it, namely the way in which you find ways to manipulate and deconstruct photographs into photography and 3D objects. What qualities do you look for in an image when considering how to convert it into 3D?
“Even before I started doing photo manipulation, I loved 3D and the variety of possibilities it contained. However, whenever I have something in mind that implies 3D art, I rush to Angel as we brainstorm and create it. Without it as a tool, the impact would not be the same because the contrast between photography and 3D is one of the aspects that I think define best the universe I’m trying to depict. I always look for elements that may represent the thin border between opposites such as: human – non-human, Earth – outer space, known- unknown. Then I blend them into an undefined space-time reality.”

What do you have in store for the future?
“All I can say is: ‘The Afterfuture’ ‘

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Written By: Dev Moore