Vince Collins “An Evening At The 3D Lounge” | Video Premiere

FELT Zine is honored to premiere a new animation by one of our favorite animators of all time, Vince Collins.

Vince Collins is a multi-disciplinary artist who has shared his visions via both hand-drawn and computer-generated processes, keeping an experimental, genre-bending style through both. One thing that remains consistent whether Collins is working in 2D, 3D, or any Virtual Reality formats is their iconoclastic approach to animation, which aims to take full advantage of the unique aspects of the medium to create an end result which could only happen through animation. In that sense “An Evening At The 3D Lounge” is classic Collins as he weaves a loose narrative, making it difficult to distinguish when one scene ends, and another begins, until the closing scene – when it is time to pick your jaw off the floor, mop up the drool, and try your best to get your mind back in-order to process what you’ve just experienced.