Stacie Ant for Felt Zine 58

stacie1.jpgFELTZine welcomes the Berlin-based new media artist, Stacie Ant. Peep the full interactive zine here and learn more about Stacie Ant below:

Stacie Ant reinvents elements of contemporary culture through fictional, maximalist narratives. Ant’s work utilizes washed-up celebrities, glamorized mid-century inspired environments, and gender fluid characters through the mediums of 3D art and animation. Often humorous, Ant’s work “offers a way of looking at a fast-paced digital realm through a lens of irony and satire.”


How would you describe your work in your own words? 
Stacie Ant: “No matter how much I am sometimes drawn towards pure aestheticism, people still describe my work as creepy and tongue in cheek. I suppose I would describe my own work as a mixture of funny but also a bit scary. I think those two are a great combination for an image that sticks with you- especially when it comes to 3D art. You can really play with the element of uncanny and absurd in this type of medium. I also view my work as very feminist. I enjoy representing the female form as the ultimate power. A lot of my stills and videos are inspired by science fiction and post-apocalyptic worlds where women rise up and claim back their power over what’s left of this planet… But of course, even these darker images have a sense of humor to them, even if it is as subtle as a tacky denim outfit on a Y2K amazonian warrior woman.”


What is your usual work process like? 
“I think of a general idea or an outfit, and try to see how close I can get to recreating this image. A lot of the times (most of the time) the end result is something completely different – after I changed my mind a million times – and the million happy accidents bring me to a totally new concept that I like even better than the original idea. (this of course only applies to my personal artwork, not commissions) .Sometimes I hear a song and it paints a really vivid image in my mind, then I just have to make a video that represents what’s going on in my head when I hear it. Of course, this can be a bit problematic as Mark Zuckerberg has a strict copyright policy on Instagram…but I do get away with using music clips a lot of the time since the songs I use are pretty random and older.”


What inspires your art? 
“Very inspired by movies (I’m a bit of a film nerd who used to hang out at a video store for most of my late teens/the early twenties), fashion (especially kitschy fashion from the 90s and 2000s), anything science fiction related. Some of the 3D characters I reuse are inspired by 90s supermodels, I like to pretend that I can afford to hire a 20-year-old Linda to model my own designs buts its also 2001…anything is possible, right?”


Is there anything you’d like our audience to know about you?
“I am (for the most part) self-taught so if you want to learn 3D, just sit through a lot of YouTube tutorials, trust me it pays off! Oh, and I really do love all the questionable music I ever recycle in my videos. No shame!”


FeltZine 58 featuring Stacie Ant is online now. Watch here.

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