Fakkdepp for FeltZine 59


FeltZine returns with a new issue for the world featuring Shanghai-based magician, Fakkdepp. Experience the latest issue here and learn about Fakkdepp and their work below:

Fakkdeep’s work blends the styles of cyberpunk and industrial elements alongside a rather biologically volatile theme of work. Heavily inspired by the opposite spectrums of gore & science-fiction, Fakkdepp explores new manners in which our society can view the human body in its undefined future.


Where do you reside currently?

I live in Shanghai. This is a relatively suitable place for multicultural development than other cities in China, because its inclusiveness and commonality allow me to communicate with different people and have stranger ideas. No one will criticize you or blame you for doing something different.

How would you describe yourself?

I have a lot of faces and love industrial experiments. I like some radical music, and I am even prepared to write an outline of cyberpunk settings. But no one allows you to listen to pop. If you define yourself in a circle, there are actually popular ingredients in it. I’m really into what Lana said: You are living on the road not sleeping on the street.


How would you describe your work?

“I don’t know, the inspiration sometimes comes out like that. I knocked on the table and said that I want to edit a style like this [laughs].”

Is it difficult creating in this process?

Obviously this should be a little talented. When I was very small, I was imagining that I could see all kinds of UFO or the alien creatures gliding in the sky, In fact, the words of creation are more mapped to the things you see and the environment you are in. This is not too difficult. It is good to enjoy the process of editing.


What, if any, are your inspirations?

At first, I was very fond of stimulating visual things and even recommended to see some Bestgore sections; And I have seen some cultures that are not very popular since I was in primary school. I can calmly accept some exchanges, and from that time on, the situation has become different.

How would you describe your artistic process?

There is no difference between the couch potato in front of the computer you saw.


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Written By: Dev Moore