NPR Radio | D.I.Y. Underground And Do-It-Yourself Culture In The Washington Region

NPR’s WAMU Station dedicated an episode to covering DIY (do-it-yourself) & underground arts, music, and literary scenes in Washington, D.C. But what does it mean to create underground culture today? D.C.’s multi-media artist and Occupying Space founder, TomiYeyo, discusses this topic with NPR about zine makers, journalists & musicians, and how underground scenes can thrive in a constantly changing environment.

Listen to the full episode here and catch FeltZine’s mention at the 36:00 mark.

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Produced by Mark Gunnery


Michelle Delgado, Freelance writer; Founder and Editor of Summerhouse@mdelgadia

Tamei Elliott aka DJ TOMIYEYO, DJ, STEAM enthusiast, and artist manager; @occupying_space

Teta Alim, Freelance writer and music journalist; Founder and Editor in Chief of @teta_buahzine