Overworked – New Chance (Exclusive Premiere)

For the past 5 years, Toronto producer and vocalist Victoria Cheong has been steadily refining her vision as New Chance. Her core sound palette, and potent-yet-diaphanous singing are likely to evoke the golden age of dance music, however, where others indulge in benign nostalgia, Cheong’s deft, individual productions build upon the unmistakable psychedelic malaise that lurked in that era’s periphery.

Hardly Working offers their most focused and finely tuned work yet, vividly translating her hypnotic live presence into the recorded realm.

Video by Peter Rahul
Choreographic direction by Allison Peacock
Dancers: Randy Gagne, Alicia Grant, Kate Nankervis, Wolfgang Nessel
Filmed at Hub 14, Toronto.
From the EP Hardly Working, released Nov 15 2019.

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