#RealityIsCancelled Recap: A FeltZine x MalesRCancelled PopUp Experience

We’re thrilled to recap our Felt Zine x MalesRCancelled popup experience in Brooklyn, NYC featuring photographer Olivia Kooyman! Recap below and stay tuned for a Black Friday surprise 😉

Fans were welcomed to 3D-interactive meme art, an exclusive internet art capsule collection, vintage digital TV installations, and music from HalfmoonBK’s Devoye, Ayes Cold, Soleil, Ginja, & Next Dimensional.

Attendees were placed in an otherworldly pop-up exhibition of 3D interactive memes activated with #AR (augmented reality). #RealityIsCancelled explored the various tropes, stereotypes, and exclusionary spaces of the art industry and society at large.

Selections such as “This Is a High IQ Zone” examined the current state of intellectual spaces and the required amount of resources/ privilege needed to access these spaces. Exclusive memes were designed by a small legion of artists: Ada.Wrong, Djiin Kazama, Th0t_Catalog, and Yung.Nihilist.

This pop-up exhibition, curated by MalesRCancelled & Dev Moore of Felt Zine, welcomed #AR activations and 3D self-portraits purely produced by Felt Zine’s founder, MarkDigitalHD. Audience members were also welcomed to a vintage TV installation that broadcasted exclusive video premieres from Laneya Billingsley & Mengxuan Sun, alongside meme selections from Ada Wrong, Djiin Kazama, Th0t_Catalog, and Yung.Nihilist.

Stay tuned for a Black Friday surprise and Felt Zine’s 2020 tour dates coming soon.

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Written By Dev Moore