Thanyy for Felt Zine 67

FeltZine 67 is here featuring Italian-based digital artist, Thanyy. Experience our interactive issue and read our conversation with Thanyy below:

Thanyy is the elastic & creative output of an online character from the realms of the web that manages to subvert and stretch the possibility of beauty to rather extreme measures. Thanyy’s work explores the realms and boundaries of beauty to the point where these concepts are looked upon in much different fashion.

Tell us about your space/location in the world.

“I live in Italy in a small city. In an even smaller apartment. I wouldn’t say that where I live influences my work, but the grey wall in my house definitely shaped my aesthetic.”

How would you describe yourself?

Long legs. Long arms. Bull terrier nose. Messy.

What about your artistic process?

5% Researching.
25% Thinking.
10% Shooting.
60% Editing.

Many of your works touch on the concepts of the body. Do your
artworks serve any particular community or world?

Not really. The aim of my “online character” Thanyy is not to represent any particular community; His aim is to create a totally different and alternative word, not linked to the problems of the real one.

Which artists or concepts inspire your work right now?

Everything that involves pushing beauty and perception to the limit; my body and the infinite way I can manipulate it; tell stories and create imaginaries. As for artists, currently I admire the work of Salvijia, Nadia Lee Cohen, Filip Custic, and a lot more.

Do your different projects compliment each other?

Most of the things I produce are still images, just because it’s a comfort zone for me. Right now I’m kinda getting bored of them, so I’m looking forward to shooting more videos/visuals in the future. Sometimes, still images aren’t enough to express what I have in my mind.

Do you have any desire to expand your practice across different mediums or platforms?

I will probably open an ASMR channel on InstagramTV or become a vlogger on YouTube. Stay tuned.

Do you consider yourself a digital artist?

I’d say yes. Because the majority of my creative process and the way I present my works resides within digital supports. Making digital art proposes its own series of technical, conceptual, and even ideological

What challenges usually occur throughout your work?

I shoot everything with my phone, alone in my bedroom, with the natural light of the afternoon. I work better when I’m alone; so throughout the years, the only difficulty I learned to overcome was managing to shoot everything by myself. A remote control for my phone was a good start, and then lots of tripods for the lights, etc.

Do you consider the internet to be more of an outlet or an actual inspiration for your work?

Both. Internet definitely plays a role in inspiring me, especially social networks. They allow me to get in touch with artists all around the world. It’s also the way my art stays in touch with people who appreciate it.

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Written by Dev Moore