Felt Zine’s Favorite Tracks of 2019

2019 was an amazing year! We’re celebrating the past 365+ days with a list of amazing songs from friends, family, and some of our favorite music folks in the Felt Zine community!

Listen to the playlist above and peep the list below:

Jawn Diego | Dreams (Ft. Mark DigitalHD)
Simen Sez | I Forgot I Was High
MNDSGN | Papayaberry
Terreyl Fields | FUN
Eytan Tobin | 4 AM In the Club
That Boy Miles | What U Need
Cakes Da Killa | Luv Me Nots
Dam-Funk | The Flow
Jimi Lucid | Amplitude
nextdimensional | Candy
Marley Pitch | Golden Hour
Triangles | Sapphire
CH4iNS4W | Simulation Run
Sleep Sinatra | Metatron
Devoye | Move to the Bounce
Bored Lord | Spit in Your Mouth
RaFia | Ain’t Nothin’
brz | White Russian
Saint Pressure | Piranha
Yazmine | Favor
The Cool Kids | Dipped
Dizzy Fae | Lifestyle
domsentfrommars | Tahtea
Corbo | 15 Addivan
Ase Manual | Stank ASS
Spirit Twin | Waterfall
Katerina | The White Cat
Roger Hallaway | How Does It Feel?
Jay Nice | Apollo, Vulcan, & Mars (Ft. Tha God Fahim & Vinnie Paz)
SadhuGold | Caveman
Orrin | KD Freestyle
Taydex | Godly (Ft. Negashi Armada)
Little Brother | Black Magic
Ase Manual | Black ASS
Your Old Droog | Desert Eagle (Ft. Mach-Hommy)
Denmark Vessey | The Life, The Journey (Ft. Soul Theory)
Raydeo | Monster
QUALIATIK | Reclamation
Clancethemance | Girlfriend
Jawn Diego | Guap

Happy 2019! Be sure to subscribe to our playlist and stay tuned for more exclusives, original music videos, and global tour in 2020. 🙂