Felt Zine x Spirit World: an IMVU Interview Series (Featuring Mithril & Virgo)

Spirit World is IMVU’s first official Virtual Music Festival, presented by electronic duo Spirit Twin. Spirit World will be live streaming on Twitch from July 23rd – 25th, bringing over 50 musicians together on 6 otherworldly stages.

Mithril is a Producer, Lighting Designer, and DJ based out of Brooklyn, NY, where she is heavily involved in the underground nightlife community. Prior, she worked as a Community Manager and IT Technician in the gaming industry. Her style is often dreamy, nostalgic, and hackeresque, but she also loves to tear things up, sending you into an adrenaline fueled hypnosis. She is the co-founder of @hurtfreenetwork, one of the collectives involved in putting together @nucenosis. 

Virgo is an American producer, DJ and digital artist. She is the Co-founder of Parasite Label and SLIT, which is a virtual rave series she and M7 throw on IMVU.

  1. [JANE] Love the look! What does having an avatar symbolize for you?

Heyy ~  

A lot of us experience so many feelings of cognitive dissonance in regards to our identity, and existing in virtual spaces allows us to be fluid in how we present ourselves. Some days, you could feel like you want to be androgynous, or super femme, or a maybe even like a dragon or a wolf. 

  1. [VIRGO] How have social games shaped your virtual identity?

Finally able to be an elf, my true form.

  1. [JANE] What made you want to start throwing virtual shows in IMVU?

In 2017, Dani Rev and I were living in Seattle, we thought it’d be funny to throw a hardcore track over our IMVU avatars dancing. At the same time I was experimenting with streaming games to Facebook before that was really a thing, the two ideas combined and we decided to start Hurt-free Network. 

Whenever times were tough, we’d turn to throw an event, and things would feel better. 

  1. [VIRGO] How did you start throwing your own digital raves in IMVU?

Mithril invited me to play Hurt-free Network during quarantine and right away I fell deep into the metaverse of IMVU. After that, I wanted to do something similar to stay connected online. 

My favorite part has been creating these virtual worlds and designing a whole mood for each lineup. It ended up being really meditative for me during this time.

  1. . [JANE] Do you have a preference between DJing IRL or URL?

I prefer to DJ IRL, but I don’t compare the two. They’re such different experiences~ It’s definitely much easier to interact with the crowd online, though.

  1. [VIRGO] Where do you think the future of virtual music festivals is heading?

There’s definitely a future ahead for virtual festivals, and it’s really special because everyone around the world gets to be a part of it. Imagine being fully immersed in some elven ruins on another planet listening to some weird rave music, I’m here for it.

IMVU’s first official Virtual Music Festival, presented by electronic duo Spirit Twin, will be live streaming on Twitch from July 23rd – 25th.