Spirit World is IMVU’s first official Virtual Music Festival, presented by electronic duo Spirit Twin. Spirit World will be live streaming on Twitch from July 23rd – 25th, bringing over 50 musicians together on 6 otherworldly stages.

Ashley Clue, musically known as Cowgirl Clue is a Southern California based electronic producer who originated from Austin, Texas. Her music is described as a “Vada Vada” take on dance – pop electronic music. Clue demonstrates slippery vocals layered on top of interplanetary synth rhythms, bubblegum bass lines and faerie stomp beats to create a playful yet sophisticated sound. After starting her music career at 17 while DJing DIY raves and small clubs, she now takes influence in her production from Drum and Bass, J-Pop, Jungle, Techno, and Electronic Dance Pop music.

Hi Cowgirl Clue! So this is Heaven’s Gates, the stage where you will be performing. It’s mad cute.

hey! it is super cute. thanks for having me <333

How did you get the name Cowgirl Clue?

I came up with the alias Cowgirl Clue after going under the title Wu-Wu for a very short lived timeframe. Wu-Wu didn’t feel super tangible at the time so eventually, I made the choice to move on to something more unique to me as I grew up in Texas.

Cowgirl Clue seemed the most perfect

How has the COVID-19 pandemic shifted your experience from physical to virtual spaces? Where do you see the state of live experiences heading in the future?

I would say so, I went from performing and touring all the time in real life to staying home and giving more attention/adapting to digital realms more than I ever have.

I think there is a lot of room for imaginative exploration in virtual spaces and I’m excited to see how artists utilize these forms more. 

Congratulations on launching your new Clue Wear clothing collection by the way! What encouraged you to integrate fashion design and music within your career?

I think as an artist, I’ve always loved to explore different media outlets in my creative world so it would only make sense to combine the two. 

What inspired you to create your designs and bring them into IMVU?

I felt like IMVU offered the creative freedom to roll with my ideas and as I collaborated with artist Lizzie Klein these ideas were brought to life through IMVU. After weighing out our options, we decided that IMVU would be stylistically aligned with the vision.

  1. Are you excited for your upcoming Spirit World performance?

I am beyond excited… I am thrilled. I hope y’all enjoy the show! Thank you for having me apart of it. <3

Spirit World will be live streaming on Twitch from July 23rd – 25th.

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