FELT Zine X Spirit World: An IMVU Interview Series (Featuring Hannah Diamond)

Spirit World is IMVU’s first official Virtual Music Festival, presented by electronic duo Spirit Twin. Spirit World live streamed on Twitch from July 23rd – 25th, bringing over 50 musicians together on otherworldly stages.

Music artist Hannah Diamond broke out as part of the London Based PC Music in 2013 via a series of viral Soundcloud bops which included ‘Pink and Blue’, and ‘Every Night’ – the latter hitting the Billboard ‘Emerging Artists Top 40’ and becoming Hypem’s ‘most downloaded song in the world’ on the week of its release. Establishing herself as what PC Music founder A. G. Cook describes as ‘a new kind of popstar’, Hannah has been a major influence on the sonics and aesthetics of the ‘experimental pop’ movement, and a collaborator to artists such as Charli xcx, 100 Gecs, A. G. Cook, Danny L Harle and SOPHIE.

How was your experience performing at IMVU Spirit World Virtual Music Festival?

Performing at Spirit World, was so much like performing at a Real music festival for me. I got super nervous before I went on stage. Was worrying about all of the things I worry about at shows like when It’s my time, how will I get on stage? Will something go wrong? etc. So for me it felt like a very real experience. At the same time, I felt I was fully able to live out my digital dreams of what I would really love the experience of coming to one of my shows to be like. The stage Design was so beautiful, and imagination so limitless. I’m so grateful to have been invited to take part in such a special festival.

What was your favorite moment during the Festival?

My favourite moment was definitely Concrete angel. I felt like I was really into the swing of my set. I felt comfortable and confident in performing all my moves and that song is just so well suited to the stage. It was really just a perfect moment for me.

We loved your dress changes during the show! What was your experience shopping for outfits in the IMVU marketplace? 

Aww Thank you so much <3 I absolutely loved shopping for my outfits in IMVU. The thing that is so exciting about it to me is the ability to create looks that goes so beyond what you can achieve IRL. I love building a world and a story around my music with fashion and in all the visuals I make. IMVU feels super freeing to be able to type in my wildest dreams of what the outfit could be without the physical barriers that exist in the real world, like money, or that clothing can’t be metaphysical IRL. For example I found a “ghost” body for my song invisible so could fully manifest in my outfit the meaning behind the song. 

How does this compare to shopping/styling IRL?

I also styled each look based on the visual worlds that I made for each song I performed from my album. I always want my performances to feel super immersive and take you to another world. I’ve been finding IMVU super inspiring in helping me to think bigger for my show looks and ways I can really push that. I wish I could wear digital clothing for my actual shows. 

The AG Cook remix from your set was spectacular. What has been your experience working with AG Cook?

Thank you. I really love “Super Star” . It’s my favourite song of A.G’s and it felt like a really perfect show for me to cover it. I knew it would fit in super well sonically with the Heaven’s Gate Stage Visuals and also I knew I was gonna feel like a digital super star <3

I love working with A. G. He is my first and favorite musical collaborator. I feel like the creative relationship we have is a really special one because we really built and started something together. I’m so proud of everything we have made together. 

How has your sound developed over the years?

Lately I’m feeling super confident and secure in my creative vision as an artist, I feel like since dropping my debut album, I know who I am. I know what I want to make and what kind of artist I want to be. And now I can just run with it. I feel a lot stronger vocally now too. Especially since my tour and I think that’s really creeping its way into my songwriting as well for my new stuff. Really can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on and take the HD sound to the next level.

Is there a new technology that you have incorporated into your work as of lately?

Recently, especially during lockdown. I’ve been learning how to produce. Mostly so far I’ve been doing lots of recording and vocal production myself and getting to grips with that in a way I hadn’t previously had time for. It feels quite freeing to be able to do more myself, sketch things out and be able to communicate better to my collaborators my ideas for songs.

What do you see as the future for music inside social games? 

I’m super excited about it. I really hope that it’s something that continues even when normal shows start happening again. It’s a totally different experience and something that I’m super down to explore more, for me performing in IMVU felt like a perfect compliment visually to my music and the visual world I’ve been building around it.

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