Anetha – Free britney [mama told ya] [video premiere]

Anetha is a trained Architect based in Paris, now fully dedicated to electronic music and her career as a DJ, producer and label manager. The Free Britney track is the first single off the upcoming compilation, «L’eau repousse les feux agressifs», which will be dropping on her label Mama told ya at the beginning of April. It features 18 alternative artists and is the first of a series around the four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The source of inspiration for this first compilation is Water, which represents life, chaos and regeneration.

In the midst of a lockdown, we fly over empty streets and enter a prison masquerading as a charming abode. That is where our virtual protagonist finds herself in the opening scenes of the Free Britney music video. Just like Britney Spears in her ongoing conservatorship, she is restless, alone, and completely isolated. As the music picks up speed, she wakes up from her slumber only to be plunged into an underwater realm. The hallucinatory visuals that follow are an escape from her reality, and she quickly realizes there are no physical limitations in this new world. She is fully immersed in her fantasy, finally free to move as she pleases. This video by 3D artist Joe Karava perfectly encapsulates the feeling of breaking free from corporeal chains and allowing uninhibited creative expression to take over.

Written by AriURL

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