House Plants: A pixel art NFT Plant Collection

House Plants is a Felt Zine Pixel Art NFT Collection with Illustrations by Mykola Dosenko created by Mark Digital HD for Felt Zine. Explore the collection today featuring dozens of house plant variations including bonsai trees, customized digital pottery, orchids, and more.

Mark DigitalHD is an art and technology advisor, and Founder of Felt Zine. Mark is currently a digital strategist, artist, and designer dedicated to the intersection of arts, activism, community, and culture through Felt Zine, a creative studio and internet art collective he founded in 2011.

Mykola Dosenkos is a Pixel art / Low poly 3D artist since 2007. They’re also an esteemed Graphic Designer, Web Designer/Developer, Animator, Illustrator. Clients include A24, Coca-Cola, Nickelodeon, Tumblr, EA Sports and others.

Mint or View the full collection today on:
Felt Zine (Mint for 0.02 ETH)
OpenSea Secondary

Written by Dev Moore