URUZ: Dissident Pixel Art NFT Collection

250 1/1 NFTs for 0.01 ETH per mint.
Only for Felt Zine Collectors.

URUZ is an NFT pixel art collection inspired by dissident subcultures, Chess, and underground comix by Mark Sabb for Felt Zine.

Read more about the drop details and a breakdown of the NFTs lore/properties below.

Limited to holders of these Felt Zine Collections on the following days at 12am Midnight Eastern Time:

Drop Details:

  • 250 1/1 NFTs minting at .01 ETH1
  • 100% Full CC0
  • Images are 4K+ (4040 x 7620)
  • .svg vector versions available upon request

Understanding URUZ Lore & Properties:

  • Each URUZ has a base “Form” which is loosely based on a Chess Piece: king, rook, bishop, queen, knight, and pawn.
  • Inside the “Form” is a “Soul” which has 4 different options: Cowboy, Director, Reaper, and Hitter.
  • The third piece completing the trilogy is “Philosophy”. There are 6 potential philosophies guiding your URUZ: Zen, Stoicism, Hedonism, Nihilism, Cynicism, and Universalism.

As we continue to building the FELT Zine metaverse, URUZ holders will play a special strategic role… if they play their pieces correctly… >_<