Artist statement:

GLOBB is a transferable thought form,  that can be adjusted instantly to your own personal plane of consciousness via visual download.

What is GLOBB? GLOBB primarily exists in the mental plane which is where it is designed to be explored, examined, and played with as you merge your GLOBB into ur own personal consciousness.

Is GLOBB sentient? its sentience is not confirmed though there has been rumours in the corridors of Angelix corp that GLOBB possesses consciousness. This rumour can not and will not be confirmed.

What is Angelix corp? Angelix corp is a 5th dimensional non-corporeal corporation of benevolence. Likened to a sci-fi version of willy wonka’s chocolate factory mixed with an exceedingly benevolent and much more cheerful version of blade runners’ Tyrell Corporation.

Audio visual production/representation of GLOBB created By GHOSTGIRL