Metamask and FELT Zine Bridged IRL & URL With a Web3 PopUp in New York City

FELT Zine hosted an underground art pop-up event during NFT NYC in Brooklyn at Jupiter Disco, a science-fiction-themed venue where hundreds of our NYC fans united while also being embraced with a web3 realm that digital creators can learn so much about.

Vibrant underground techno and footwork DJs from DJ Taye, nextdimensional, DJ Shannon, KYRUH b2b WTCHCRFT, and Sidama + Simulacra brought the party until the early hours of the night! 🌒

Shoutout to everyone that showed up to our @FELTZine Secret Art Party in NYC! Hundreds of lovely supporters from around the world pulled up to celebrate the culture of internet art. Huge special mention to the musical sonics of @djtayeteklife, DJ Shannon (@shannon1dj), KYRUH (@kyruh_w) b2b WTCHCRFT (@w_t_c_h), @nextdimensional@nonamejames__, and Simulacra!

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