Desktop: A Generative Web3D Collection By Felt Zine

We’re thrilled to present Desktop by Felt Zine, a generative “web3D” video art collection of 333 NFT worlds exploring humanity’s use of technology and the implications it may have in reflecting extensions of our personalities. Built alongside creative director Dev Moore, designer Josh Parsons, Fab Foolie, and additional production by Mark DigitalHD, Jawn Diego, and Micah Carroll.

(Update: Sold out! Explore the secondary here).


Throughout the rest of 2022, collectors of Desktop by FELT Zine will be granted an array of special 1/1 artworks from throughout the web3 community that continues and expands on the Desktop collection. Collectors of the Canvas by FELT Zine (released in January 2022) project will also gain future integrations that will empower them to integrate their Canvas artwork within their Desktop NFT.

We will be opening applications for holders of Felt Zine’s Algo-Lite and Canvas to change their Desktop identity or background. The changes will be reflected in the visual art as well as the metadata/properties. The first 10 applications will be accepted. This change could potentially increase your rarity dramatically while adding a level of individuality, personalization, and uniqueness to your Desktop.

  • Only One integration per wallet / per person
  • This application will run for one month from the announcement day and then metadata locks up!
  • Must hold at least 1 Canvas/Algo-Lite and 1 Desktop in the same wallet!
  • First 10 applications will be accepted. Must verify your application w/your Twitter account.

Please note, in order to make these changes, you will need to hold 1 of each NFT you are combining. For example, if you want to update your Desktop identity with a Canvas/Algo Felt Zine NFT, and change the background, you will need to have a wallet that holds at least 1 Canvas and 1 Desktop. Once the process is complete, your Canvas will be updated automatically to reflect the requested change.

Our goal is to be a future-proof generative art NFT collection. We are open to all suggestions for future integrations and utility. Join our discord for more information!

Explore the full collection today on