The First ever Fjord NFT LBP Drop: Lost Echoes with Ina Vare

We’re excited to announce FELT as the first NFT launch partner of Fjord NFT’s beta testing program, debuting our latest collection “Lost Echoes” in collaboration with Ina Vare.

drop 1 Concept

Researchers discover Ina’s memories in the year 3030.

They are not aware of today’s cultural context and must categorize their findings based on what they imagine life was like for Ina, a child who lived 1000 years before them with no other record besides these objects recorded via retro-analog technology. 

The collection explores the implicit bias of anthropologists, speculative futures, and retrofuturism.

Drop Details

525 Total NFTS

  • 25 Airdropped to Felt Zine and shared
  • 100 available for limited whitelist pre-mint at .02 (Available for only 24 hours starting Tuesday, September 7 at 1pm Pacific Time) – Details Here.
  • 400 available to via Fjord (Dynamic Pricing starting at 0.149 ETH for 48 Hours starting Wednesday, September 7, 2020 at 5pm Pacific Time)
  • Price is responsive, so make sure you don’t wait for the price drop for too long, otherwise the price can increase quickly leaving anticipating buyers behind.

How Does it work?

Read more about how the public mint mechanics work here.