Learn how to claim your $TIARA and $HALLE Cryptopunk tokens step-by-step via PartyDAO below and contact @PartyDAO via discord for any additional support.

STEP 1: Claim your Cryptopunk $TIARA or $HALLE Tokens:

  • Claim your $TIARA or $HALLE tokens on the PartyBid page in which you contributed ETH.
  • You will see a Claim Button to obtain your tokens once you connect your wallet . It may ask you to pay gas fees, so check gas trackers to find an opportune time to claim your tokens.
  • Many people contributed their ETH way too late! No worries, you can claim your ETH back on the same page!

STEP 2: Add $TIARA and $HALLE to your Metamask in the Dropdown Menu on Fractional:

  • Go to Tiara’s Fractional page or Halle’s Fractional page and ADD Token to your Metamask so you can see how many $TIARA or $HALLE tokens you currently have! There’s an ADD TO METAMASK button that makes it super easy!
  • If you don’t have Metamask, you can use the original contract addresses as well for $TIARA and $HALLE available in Etherscan.
  • You can also swap your tokens for ETH on this page as people readily create Uniswap pools for liquidity.

STEP 3: Discord Access and Surprises Coming Soon!

  • TIARA and HALLE token collectors are able to access new channels in the Grateful DAO discord with new bonus access and surprises coming along. Stay tuned for more collections coming soon!
  • Keep a lookout for updates on $TIARA and $HALLE owners (HALLE collectors only as of this moment), as the original collector is opting to airdrop fractional NFTs of some surprise collections for collectors. If you need more support on how to claim your tokens, contact @PartyDAO via discord for support.

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