This Rare CryptoPunk is Being Given Away for Free

Felt Zine is here to announce that all participants in Cryptopunk HOUSE OF TIARA and HOUSE OF HALLE auctions have now received an airdrop share of punk#8726. Her name is $LUPE.


If you contributed to the $TIARA and $HALLE partybid, and your funds were added to the Cryptopunk HOUSE OF TIARA or HOUSE OF HALLE, this airdrop is for you. If you contributed to the $TIARA and $HALLE Partybid, but your funds were not used to execute a bid, this airdrop is STILL for you.

Why are we doing this?

Because we believe that shared ownership offers people a way to feel connected to one another; Because we should all be able to be a part of a movement at any price point; Because collective goal setting and achievement should be rewarded with equity. Because you risked your ETH to bid, and you should be rewarded for that.

This project was partly inspired by internet crypto-native Sirsu (& protocol auction house Zora) and their story on the historically low price floor of certain punks, specifically ones with Black and Brown features.


This cryptopunk was sent via Airdrop by anon collector EL. As of August 12th, you already have it in your wallet! If you don’t have a Metamask wallet, you can manually add the Token Address to your wallet too.

The plan for $LUPE is simple. Fractionalize and immediately airdrop 22.5% of the supply back to the GratefulDAO Discord community. Specifically, any address that executed a Contribute transaction to the $Tiara partybid contract or the $Halle partybid contract will get a proportional share of the 22.5%. We will then set a ‘Buyout’ at 65 ETH. And we will keep it moving. What happens next? Nobody knows.

If you haven’t claimed your cryptopunk $TIARA or $HALLE tokens, you can learn how here.

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