FELT Zine Presents…PROV: a Generative NFT Art Collection

FELT ZINE PRESENTS #PROV, our first generative art collection from Felt Zine designed by Mark Digital HD, Felt Zine Founder, built on our custom smart contract featuring a collection of 500 completely unique NFTs, 68 individual properties, and surprise burning mechanisms. The collection is currently SOLD OUT, but explore the secondary market to grab a piece here.

“The title ‘PROV’ refers to both ‘Provocative’ and ‘Proverbs'”, say Felt Zine Founder Mark Digital HD. “Provocative refers to frequent use of highly sexualized and taboo imagery in the project, while Proverbs references the “Book of Proverbs” and the project’s inclusion of religious iconography. The project is an example of what we at Felt Zine believe is the truest form of crypto art, the generative NFT Collectible.”

While it seems a majority of projects in this space are avatar driven, and not made with the primary goal of making an artistic statement, Felt Zine sees this creative format as a fertile ground for artistic experimentation and expression on-chain.

Stay tuned for future utility of the PROV NFTs including:

  • Burn to Receive High Quality Physical Print🖼️
  • Renaming the artwork using our contract
  • 🎟️ Access to Felt Zine IRL Events
  • 🛒 Early Access to upcoming collectible drops
  • 👩🏾‍💻 Access to Felt Zine Collector Discord
  • 🧠 Generating ideas with PROV holders in the community discord.

    Explore the full collection today online now.

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